Top AI SEO Tools for 2023

In today’s digital age, having an online presence is essential for businesses to succeed. However, with millions of websites vying for attention on search engines, it’s becoming increasingly challenging to stand out from the crowd. That’s where artificial intelligence (AI) comes in, providing powerful tools to help businesses optimize their content for search engines and drive traffic to their website.

The best AI SEO tools are not only essential for improving website visibility, but they also help retain visitors’ attention once they land on your pages. A recent study found that on-page elements, such as meta titles and descriptions, are critical for ranking high on search engines like Google, which holds an 83% market share in the search engine industry.

However, setting up and managing SEO campaigns can be time-consuming, and with so many free and premium tools available, it can be challenging to know which one to choose. That’s where expert advice and testing come in, and this article will provide you with a list of the top AI SEO tools for 2023 to help you find the right tool to deliver the ranking and visibility your website needs.

1. Frase

Streamlining the SEO content creation process can be a challenging task. However, Frase has come up with a solution to ease the burden with their AI SEO tool. Trusted by renowned brands such as Merkle, Coursera, and Digitas, Frase’s tool has made it simple for its 30,000 clients to carry out SEO content research and optimization.

In just a few minutes, users can create comprehensive content briefs using this tool, which eliminates the need to spend countless hours researching SERPs. Frase’s AI SEO tool consolidates and analyzes the best content, saving you time. Additionally, it allows you to research competitor keywords, headings, and concepts, and even customize brief templates to increase workflow efficiency.

Frase offers an easy-to-use text editor for content optimization, allowing you to compare your content to that of your competitors. It generates a topic list to assist you in publishing Google-friendly content. The software’s dashboard categorizes content opportunities and analyzes them, displaying valuable insights from Google Search Console to help guide your next steps. Frase’s analytics capabilities also enable you to spot pages that require updating to maintain your SEO ranking.

If you’re new to Frase, the Crash Course section provides an easy-to-follow guide to getting started with the software immediately. The lessons are concise yet comprehensive, and there are even quick clips available to serve as demos.


  • Optimization of Content
  • Automated Briefing of Content
  • Scoring of Content
  • Personalized Templates
  • Builder for Outlines
  • Writing of Content
  • Analytics for Content

Pricing: From $14.99 per month with a 5-day trial available for just $1
Ideal for: Content marketers and marketing agencies

Alli AI simplifies SEO processes, making it a breeze for companies to automate their SEO efforts. With this tool, SEO teams can optimize their site within minutes, without the need for coding knowledge or developers. Additionally, Alli AI is compatible with various content management systems like WordPress and Shopify.

One of the tool’s key benefits is the ability to customize automation, allowing you and your team to tweak changes for every page effortlessly. The tool’s algorithms are also self-adjusting, adapting to SEO best practices. By leveraging Alli AI, you can automate time-consuming and costly SEO tasks, such as meta tag creation and link descriptions, among others. This, in turn, helps to reduce fulfillment costs and team overhead while scaling your agency simultaneously.

With the AI SEO tool’s live editor, you can optimize page content and make immediate changes to your website. Furthermore, its link-building tool analyzes the largest websites online and in your industry to provide link recommendations, while AI reports offer valuable insights to enhance your SEO strategy. These reports include keyword ranking, recommendation exports, and site sales reports.


  • Content optimization
  • Automation
  • Live editor
  • Link-building
  • SEO reports

Pricing: starts at $249 per month, and a 10-day free trial is available.
Ideal for: small teams, eCommerce stores, and tech hubs.

Surfer SEO is an AI-powered SEO tool that can increase organic traffic, enhance visibility, and boost rankings. It simplifies the SEO process by facilitating information gathering, content creation, optimization, and audits. It is a trusted tool used by many leading companies, such as Lenovo, Thomson Reuters, Shopify, and Opera.

With Surfer SEO’s Grow Flow, you can get weekly SEO insights to help manage growth. It lets you identify high-ranking keywords, research niche topics, discover relevant internal links, and generate fresh content ideas, among others.

Surfer SEO’s Keyword Research tool provides dozens of related topics using your primary keyword. It helps determine your target audience’s search intent and assess the difficulty of keywords and monthly searches instantly.

Its SEO Audit tool helps identify errors in your SEO, such as page speed, keyword density, missing backlinks, and NLP sentiment. Additionally, it allows you to monitor your competitors, giving you insights to improve your website content.

Surfer SEO is a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes that want to improve their online presence. Pricing varies, and you can take advantage of a free trial to test the features before committing to a plan.


  • Grow Flow
  • Content Editor
  • Keyword Research
  • Audit
  • Keyword Surfer Extension
  • AI Outline Generator

Pricing: Surfer SEO offers a free version and paid tiers starting at $49 per month.
Ideal: for small bloggers, organizations with multiple websites, and large agencies.


Using AI SEO tools can be the difference between missing out on traffic and being on the first page of Google’s search results, making your website visible to the right audience. These tools come in both free and paid versions, and they all aim to increase traffic, sustain engagement, and improve the quality of your content for your target audience.

In today’s world, content is still a critical component in establishing your brand as an authority online, whether you run an eCommerce store, an influencer brand, or a company. By leveraging SEO techniques and utilizing these AI SEO tools, you can become a more effective brand and create content that resonates with your audience without getting bogged down by the mundane tasks of research and content editing.

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